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Your Neighborhood Graffiti Artist

Wolf gives gripping and simplistic graffiti with a bang-up spirit, poised eye for doodles. They are taking on projects that stand on their own. Originally published July 2020.

While Wolf, a graffiti artist residing in Bergen County, New Jersey, spray paints the walls around New York with witty and emotional art designs, they also create and sell their merchandise.

"I like to make things," Wolf said. "It's my designs, so I'm not limiting to just painting walls or stickers or T-shirts."

Wolf wants to keep their identity and gender identity separate from their art. They are having the art speak for itself. When it comes to art, they're Wolf.

It can also play into the legality of being a graffiti artist. Creating graffiti has always been an underground art form. Even in the 80s and 90s when it was more commonplace. The laws surrounding the practice remain the same.

On any given day, you'll catch them laid back, smoking a bong, more focused on the details, and refining their art. They could be gardening, knitting, or sewing.

Sewing is a skill that Wolf owes to their mother, who has been sewing for over two decades. However, they have used many art forms, ultimately deciding to get into graffiti art.

Being fueled and inspired by the people and buildings around them, Wolf's expressionistic doodles' focus is seen on various New York walls, stickers, and even patches for clothing.

The process of deciding on a space to tag marries into Wolf's artistic style. In that, it is a simple and yet refined process.

"A little of both [spontaneous and planned out]," they said. "Some walls I've planned. Sometimes it's right then and there."

Wolf is a seize-the-opportunity type of being. Like choosing a tag spot, they started screen printing T-shirts because their friends liked the designs. Since Wolf's father does screen printing, it was the perfect opportunity. Wolf went for it.

Art has always been a way for Wolf to unwind. If failing to deliver their emotions vocally, Wolf has adopted using art to connect with people. The use of lines in their art captures the essence of a feeling, using few but bold colors.

"I don't know if this is a good thing... I put more emotion on paper than I do physically," Wolf said. "I am able to really express myself as a release."

Wolf had never thought about it. Much like choosing to separate themselves from their work. Wolf's art is something that can be taken in many avenues.

"I kind of care," Wolf said. "At the same time, I'm still going to do it [art]. Someone random looks [at my art] and thinks that it's cool… and that they want to see more.

Wolf gives gripping and simplistic graffiti with a bang-up spirit, poised eye for doodles, and unpretentious vibe. Their advice to those in the graffiti community is to be respectful and do your own thing.

"Don't be a toy," they said.

You can follow Wolf, @vandalizor, on Instagram.

For merchandise follow Wolf Wear Sheep clothing, @wolfwearsheep on Instagram.

You can also make request directly to their email

Photo credit to Wolf


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