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Kings of the Collective

A group of young men working to reshape societies image of black men in the USA. Doing this with open dialogue and something for all aspects of health and wealth. Originally published January 2021

From left to right: Gemini Brown, Danson Mugho-Rogers, Joseph Bennett, Daechonn Johnson

Throughout history and even in today's mainstream media, the portrayal of black men has been less than favorable. With racial stereotypes, like black men being prone to violence, the real-world consequences have created disadvantages that will take several generations to restore.

However, four black men from northern New Jersey know that the work towards changing the perception of black men in America lies in the standards that they set for each other. By sharing their skill sets under one collective, they know that they could reach a wider audience as a group. This group goes by the name of Kings of the Collective.

There is Gemini Brown as the philosophy king, Daechonn Johnson as the warrior king, Danson Mugho-Rogers as the economic king, and Joseph Bennett as the ambitious king. Their main objective is to expand social and spiritual consciousness.

What started as a common bond over artistic outlets, like poetry slams, has organically transformed into a movement based on ascension as individuals and as a culture.

"The group is dedicated to raising the vibration as a collective as black men," Gemini Brown explained. "We want for people that we encounter to feel more proud and have a greater understanding of themselves."

Bringing various strengths to the group, each member serves a different purpose for the collective. As the philosophy king, Brown brings the brains to the group as he contributes his social commentary and astrological wisdom for viewers to learn. Johnson is the group's body as he passes his knowledge of healthy foods and tips as the warrior king.

Mugho-Rogers, the economic king, teaches financial freedom on the group's behalf as the spirit of the group. Behind the scenes, Joseph Bennett is the group's backbone as he is responsible for behind the scene work like editing videos and sending emails as the ambitious king.

Hosting a YouTube podcast, King Talk, the four kings discuss various topics that affect men of color. From not feeling safe living in America to interracial dating, all topics are fair game.

"The uniqueness of our perspective is that we are black men. Those perspectives need to be heard, especially in today's climate," Brown explained.

Their Instagram page, @kings_of_the_collective, has various topics beneficial for the advancement of black culture moving forward. There are tips on buying cryptocurrency, stock trading, and building financial credit. One of the page's highlights is the series "Sol Food Living," hosted by Daechonn Johnson. He features meat-free recipes, like papaya bowls and chickpea avocado toast. Each post includes what makes each food suitable for the body.

"Eating clean is a part of my wealth," mentioned Johnson

"Once I became aware of my diet, that's when I started elevating more as a person. I decided to name it "Sol" without the "u" because just like soul food is a part of black culture, so should foods that come from the Earth."

This past November, the group also hosted its first King Court Showcase, an event highlighting poets, musicians, and a special edition of the podcast recorded in front of a live audience.

Topics discussed included unlearning toxic behavior in both a relationship with a partner and with family. The group was also able to talk about qualities to look for in a romantic relationship with members of the audience.

"Once you get a group of people in a room talking, everyone starts to loosen up," Brown explained. "I enjoyed seeing different people relate to the topics that we were able to talk about."

"It was cool having a high-level thinking conversation that could be had with our community outside of our collective," Johnson recalls from that night. "The crowd probably didn't realize, but they were the ones crafting the conversation."

With the unique experience of recording a live podcast, the group's message reached a more interpersonal level. Opening the discussion to people outside of their collective allows more opportunity for knowledge to be obtained with everyone in the room. The open forum, in turn, expands consciousness, creating growth in the process.

This February, Kings of the Collective are planning on doing another King's Court to celebrate Valentine's Day. Down the line, the group wants to continue passing on their knowledge and wisdom for others to grow. They also want to continue bringing awareness towards black ownership in America.

"You can't pass down a job to your kids, but you can pass down a business and a system for them to liberate themselves," Mugho-Rogers said.

"Black ownership will bleed black power," Brown explained. "If we do it the right way, there will be more black unity."

You can visit the Kings of the Collective website at

You can find King Talk on YouTube under the “Gemini Brown” channel. You can find previous installments of King Talk under the “King Talk” playlist.

Instagram @kings_of_the_collective.

Gemini Brown on Instagram - @geminibrown618

Daechonn Johnson on Instagram - @yungking_dae29

Danson Mugho-Rogers on Instagram - @moneyman_dann

Joseph Bennett on Instagram - @lucky_joe82

Photo credit to Chris Jackson


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