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Confidence Pays Off - Growing Buzz of Covy

A self starting DJ and music artist, Elijah Covington is making a name for himself. Going about the journey in his own way. Originally published December 2020.

When it comes to creating art, the artist has to be their own biggest fan before expecting other people to follow suit. Confidence in one's art comes from fearlessness of being judged for something personal to themselves, as well as spending countless amounts of hours perfecting one's craft.

For New Jersey rapper, Covy, his hard work is starting to pay off with the release of his first album this past November, "MY END of the Bargain." Containing the track, "Worst Way." This track samples Big Pun and Joe's song "Still Not a Player." Covy is building a buzz around Bergen County for his melodic auto-tuned singing paired with an easy flow and voice to hear.

Real name Elijah Covington, Covy also DJs local shows and even released his clothing brand, Covy Clothing. Featuring his signature bear logo, Covy designs his merchandise in his room. He sells his clothes under his Limited Liability Company (LLC), Covy Worldwide.

Many do not know that Covy is an acronym for "Creating Opportunities, Value Yours." It is a message that Covy wants to spread through his music and his brand as a whole.

"In order to create opportunities for other people, you have to put yourself first," Covy explained.

"If you never put yourself first, then it's going to be hard to get ahead and do the things that you love to do."

By including "Worldwide" in the title of his brand, Covy hopes to spread love and unity beyond his New York/New Jersey audience. Down the line, Covington sees himself starting his foundation to give back to his community called "Covy for Kids." This charity would help kids in need by providing them with resources for their education.

Covy's journey with music began as a young kid when he would hear classic songs from the 1960s to the present day throughout his home. Having a father as a DJ, it was an easy transition for him to express himself through his mixing.

"I remember being young and being in love with making different sounds with different tempos...although I've always played sports growing up, I knew that I would fall more in love with making music to make a career out of it."

After dropping out of college, Covy decided to take his brand more seriously to further his career. Getting both academic and athletic scholarships, Covy realized that college was not the right path for him and that he could use that time in class to work on himself.

"I had to follow my heart and chase my dream. This is my life, and I can tell myself, "hey, at least I tried this out" instead of having regrets later in life for not trying it out," Covy said.

Having a solid support system in his corner, releasing music also brought clarity to Covy. He started to realize who his true friends were that wanted him to be successful. There was a small group that initially thought that he could become successful with his brand. Covy used that as motivation to prove his detractors wrong and make his brand the best it could be.

"I've learned that many times, people from afar will show you more love than people that are near. It is a crazy feeling when someone that you don't even know tells you that they like your music," Covy said.

"I started moving differently because, at the end of the day, your brand and your name represent what you stand for."

In the next few years, Covy sees himself having one of the country's biggest independent clothing brands along with owning property and having either a distribution deal or partnership with a recording label for his music.

As his buzz grows around Bergen County, he remains humble and hungry for more in his journey.

"You might be judged and criticized for wanting to do whatever you want to do, but keep your chin up and keep pushing for what you love and believe in."

You can find Covy’s new album, “MY END of the Bargain” on Apple Music and Spotify.

You can find Covy on Instagram @selfmadecovy.

Clothing brand on Instagram @covyclothing_.

DJ page on Instagram @iamdjcovy

You can find Covy’s overall brand on Instagram @covyworldwide

Photo credit to Chris Jackson


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