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3 Benefits of Semen Retention

The benefits from the mind, to body, and spirit. Hear two first hand accounts of how a change in desires can change your perspective. Was originally published March 2021.


This past November, I decided to take part in the Internet challenge called "No Nut November." For an entire month, 30 days, I was willingly choosing to avoid having an orgasm because of the life-changing results that came with it (no pun intended).

For the first ten days of the month, I noticed the effects throughout my daily activities. Like when I woke up, I did not feel as groggy. Also, during my workouts, I was able to push myself harder than I usually would.

During semen retention, I felt strong enough to pull off one-handed pull-ups and push-ups. I was able to do one or two before. Now, I was able to a set of five.

Then I began to remember why I always lose my streaks. There are a lot of temptations roaming around everywhere. Whether scrolling through Instagram or music videos, I was reminded of my urges to fail the challenge. Since I could not change the hyper-sexualized society around me, I realized that I had to change some bad habits to reach my end goal for the second half of the month.

During the last ten days, I noticed a glow on my face whenever daylight hits. I had more veins in my arms showing. I found ways of staying occupied, like doing squats, push-ups, or writing when I had sexual urges. With that willpower applied, I grew a greater appreciation for my body and mental fortitude.

For starters, one has to realize that semen is the natural source of life. Without it, we would not be here. Even though the dopamine rush during a climax is hard to resist, controlling the urge is enough to enhance a person's quality of life. Through semen retention, a person can reach their full potential in several different ways:

Aligning Sacral Chakra

In the spiritual realm, semen is located in the Sacral Chakra around the pelvic and lower back region. Chakras are energy points located throughout the body that are responsible for emotions and overall health. Each point, found in various places throughout the body, from the root to the crown chakra, serves a different function.

An example of that is the Root Chakra, located at the spine, supporting our backbone and giving us security in our identity.

Being the second of the seventh chakra, the Sacral Chakra is the source of our creativity, desires, and pleasure. Sacral Chakra is also known as being the chakra responsible for sexuality and reproducing children from sex. When it is in alignment, the quality of our lives is enhanced by having a better grasp of our emotions.

By controlling one's sexual urges, a person can make more logical decisions instead of impulsive ones. They can see beyond the sexual aspect of a person by realizing that. By keeping the seed within, a person can also keep their ego under control, raising their self-worth in the process.

Overall Body Function

Numerous health benefits also make semen retention good for hair and skin. In semen, there are many essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. Each vitamin is responsible for keeping blood cells healthy and promotes collagen that keeps skin looking vibrant. When those vitamins release from your body, your skin loses that glow that makes it desirable.

A common trope for professional athletes is to abstain from sex before competition. That is because having a lot of testosterone aids with muscle growth, aggression during a competition, and having a clearer sense of focus.

That is why synthetic testosterone in sports is banned and referred to as "performance enhancers." Boxers like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson were able to abstain from sex for months, even years, to be regarded as the greatest fighters of all time. Innovators like Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, and Kanye West all used their sexual energy as a way to bring their visions to life.

You Will Exude Confidence

Like the great Austin Powers once said, "You gotta have mojo, baby." One of the side effects that people experience after ejaculation, commonly after masturbation, is a feeling of regret or sadness.

That feeling is because of a phenomenon known as Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD). Post-sex blues, as it is commonly known, are any terrible feelings after sex that aren't typically expected, like anxiety, agitation, and anger.

After PCD, a person might not feel as confident or happy pre-orgasm. As a person goes from the highest peak back to its usual self, the abrupt stop of serotonin, the happiness hormone, brings emotions down with it. Without that mojo, a person would not feel like they are at their best like they could be.

With semen retention, one can seek stimulation in other places in life besides sexual stimulation. They might try out new tasks to keep their mind off sex or discover a new set of skills to stay preoccupied.

21 years old Gerald Stanley has been using semen retention to maximize the hours in his days.

Going on a 73-day streak, Stanley used his creative energy to try out different activities like attending modeling and acting classes. Between becoming more active in the gym and returning to his YouTube channel, Stanley started becoming more confident in his abilities.

"It's the mindset that comes from it. It's like, is this 10 seconds worth all this progress I made," Stanley explained. "I found it easier to talk to people, and I was able to make eye contact with people longer."

Instead of sexual stimulation, Stanley exchanged it for physical and mental stimulation. With that, a person can learn more about themselves than ever before.

The goal with semen retention is to keep a person's sexuality under control by channeling it in ways to become a better person. Although there are plenty of temptations, holding in the source of life within creates a certain power that can not be replicated. By taking advantage of that time and energy, a person's potential is endless.

You can find Gerald Stanley on Instagram and YouTube @akidfromny.

Photo credit to Sean Callahan


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