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A.K.A C'Angelo. I earned my associate’s degree in Journalism from Bergen Community College. During my tenure there, I served as the Features Editor for the school newspaper, The Torch.

For as long as I could remember, journalism has been a major part of my understanding of the world. I am drawn to understanding multiple perspectives.

I have noticed that most outlets focus most of their attention on negativity (the common phrase amongst journalists is “if it bleeds, it leads”). I believe that has created fear and distrust between reporters and the general public.

That led me to be a part of R and R. Readers can escape to find a peace that is otherwise absent in the media. I feel like healthy distractions, like the RxR community, can help others display positivity throughout their lives.


Also, I use this opportunity to showcase others making a difference in their world. We are all connected and we can all help make the world better than it was given to us.

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