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To me, R and R is to restore and recreate spiritually. RxR is to recover and rise physically and to be relaxed yet radical mentally.

Since graduating high school, I have gone to and dropped out of university. I began working on farms and managing other growing spaces. Working with food from seeds to in the kitchen.


Through plants, we can explore cultures from any context. Gaining and sharing experiences we might otherwise miss. I have worked with nonprofits to bring plants and food into under-served and unexpected areas.


I started RxR in the summer of 2020. Which was shortly after I had moved to California. Also was when, to me, almost everyone could use a place they felt comfortable and connected. 


RxR also allows me to focus on my love for art and music. I wanted to create a publication sharing the many avenues of interest and knowledge many of us share. Positivity and multiplicity will always be the focus of R and R.

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